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Our mission is the preservation and appreciation of capital in real terms across market cycles, macroeconomic conditions, and geopolitical events. 

We strive to be prudent stewards of capital by following a structured investment process with a long-term focus, and by investing our own savings alongside our clients.

Oyat Advisors is a FINMA-licensed investment advisor based in Zürich, Switzerland, that has been managing client capital since 2015.​ The Company acts as the portfolio manager of the Oyat Investment Fund.

Oyat Invest AG owns 100% of the share capital of Oyat Advisors GmbH, and is one of the largest investors in the Oyat Investment Fund.



A core of high-quality global equities complemented by exposure to precious metals

We invest predominantly in a concentrated collection of productive assets, taking the form of high-quality companies. Additionally, our investment strategy has exposure to precious metals via physical gold and precious metals companies. 


Our strategy is comprised of 20-30 rigorously selected positions to provide all the necessary diversification without sacrificing any conviction.


In a world increasingly bent on instant gratification, we believe that our long-term focus is a key differentiating factor and source of competitive advantage.


We adhere to a clearly defined investment philosophy and follow a structured process, enabling us to focus on what we can control: making sound investment decisions.


We firmly believe in a clear alignment of interests. Thus, Oyat and its employees invest their savings alongside clients, and in companies managed by officers who act like owners. 


Our ownership of physical gold is motivated by two main considerations: 


First, to own a hard currency in reserve that adequately acts as a store of value. And second, to create a potential hedge against the myriad risks facing investors today. This includes the frailties of the global monetary and financial system, of which inflation is a manifestation; as well as geopolitical turmoil.


Over the years, we’ve become increasingly convinced that gold is arguably the most compelling form of hedge against such risks, as evidenced throughout history. This is due to its inherent characteristics, which can be summed by the notions of scarcity, permanence, and independence. In various ways, these properties enable gold to preserve its purchasing power over the long-term, and tend to make its price dynamics counter-cyclical.


As a result, we see gold as both a hard currency that we can hold in reserve and exchange for other assets as opportunities arise, as well as a permanent stabilizer and counterbalance to our portfolio. The vast majority of our exposure to precious metals takes the form of physical gold, which we complement with a much smaller amount of precious metals companies.


Michael Riley, CPA, CFA, MBA - Investment Manager

Michael co-manages the Oyat Investment Fund. He has over two decades of professional experience, predominantly in investment management, including various roles as analyst and portfolio manager at RobecoSAM AG, UBS Global Asset Management, and Oyat Advisors GmbH. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®). 

Christophe Churet, Director of Oyat Advisors / Investment Manager

Christophe co-manages the Oyat Investment Fund. He has over 15 years of experience in investment management, with professional experience in equity research and portfolio management at RobecoSAM AG and Oyat Advisors GmbH. 

Cécile Biccari-Churet, Director of Oyat Advisors / Senior Manager Investor Education at Ethos 

Cécile has over two decades of professional experience in sustainable investments. Her professional experience includes various roles at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), HSBC, RobecoSAM AG, Contrast Capital AG, and Oyat Advisors GmbH.

Charles Churet, Founder & President of Oyat Invest AG

In 2008, Charles transitioned from a career of over 30 years in the chemical industry to entrepreneurship by founding Oyat Invest AG. Today, Charles oversees Oyat Invest's overall investment strategy, and takes an active role in the management of its direct private equity holdings. ​


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Oyat Advisors GmbH

Gotthardstrasse 51

8002 Zürich


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Oyat is the French name of a beach grass that thrives in harsh coastal conditions, protecting the dunes with its strong roots.

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